Inspiring minds,
building community,
transforming lives.

  Inspiring Minds

Horizons Hampton Roads is about inspiring young minds through proven summer enrichment programs where children are challenged academically, socially and physically to meet with greater successes in school and in life.

Horizons’ award-winning program has been proven to reverse summer learning loss for students in K-8, instill confidence, and improve reading and math skills. This project-based instruction model encompasses a six-week program that integrates a profound blend of academics and enrichment. Our staff of certified teachers and reading specialists test each student before and after their participation in the program, demonstrating that, on average, students gain two to three months in reading and math skills each summer.

  Building Community

Through Horizons, public and private schools create enduring partnerships unique to our community. Horizons brings together all members of the community, leveraging local resources to create a safe learning environment where public school students can fulfill their potential.

At Horizons, we believe that it’s important to start early, so our programs provide academic support beginning with Kindergarteners.  Our goal is for students to return each summer through eighth grade, giving us nine consecutive summers to foster their potential. Our high retention rate of over 80% showcases the students’ love for the program, adding to overall success.

  Transforming Lives

Through six weeks of summer learning, Horizons transforms lives by enriching the mind with knowledge, the spirit with confidence, and the imagination with possibility.

We create a learning community at Horizons. Our teachers and staff stay with the program for an average of 6 years – many have been with us for decades. The Horizons learning community becomes a bridge connecting public and private school educators, parents, and students. Beyond academic improvement and preparing students for high school, Horizons goes the extra step, introducing students to experiences and life opportunities not otherwise encountered in public school settings.  100% of Horizons students learn to swim, and life skills are taught through a myriad of ways, including chess strategy, sailing, and college campus visits.

In 2022, we reinvigorated our year-round High School Program, meeting virtually and in person to support their high school success, and preparation for post-secondary education, along with their leadership skills, and social-emotional development.

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Horizons Hampton Roads is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Virginia non-profit corporation established to provide academic and social opportunities to school-age children living in families with limited income from kindergarten through eighth grades. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

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